“Dancer-choreographer Emily Adams is a master at transitions. Her piece, “Forces At Play,” was like a ballet turned inside out. The transitions from section to section were so clever they became subplots within the story until the end, which purposefully had no clear transition to close the piece.”

The structure of “Forces At Play” was fascinating, and it wasn’t just skillful invention. The choreography within the piece was substantive and the performance of it was exceptionally clean.

Adams’ choreography lends itself well to storytelling.

Choreographer-dancer Emily Adams’ did everything right in her “Mixed Signals,” while also remaining structurally inventive

powerfully interpret the complexity of human nature—examining the trusting, harmonious and creative sides of ourselves in addition to the destructive.

 a fantastical collage of interactions….cast of eight dancers seemed to savor the quirkiness of Adams’ movement vocabulary—balletic phrases that were accented with flexed feet or rippling spinal articulations.

 combines characters and allegory with an acoustic landscape that suggests a fantastical world. 

fun to watch,

, the piece was an effective exploration of interacting and contrasting qualities,

 her musicality and quirkiness shine

choreography studies point and counterpoint, pedestrian movement embedded in sparkling classicism and twitchy, off-kilter transitions between solid technical tasks. The result is riveting.